Thursday, June 5, 2014

23 Months - Who is this kid?!

Wow, where has the time gone?!  I have totally been slacking on these monthly posts (and have yet to add pictures and videos to this one, or videos to the last one!) but I had to get this part up, at least, before her 2nd birthday trip!  Check back, I will add pictures when we return! 

Thanks for following along, and hanging in there, if you read all of these.  I write them for me but love when you write comments telling me that you are reading, I often wonder if anyone reads what I'm writing! 

My baby girl is 7 days from being 2, as I write this (but I pre-dated it so that it would appear as though I didn't slack on it) and I just can't believe it.  The 2nd year is definitely better than the first and 2 year olds are a freaking blast! 

So here they are, some days of note:

5.4.14          When I pointed to you in a picture and asked, "who is that?" you said "memon."

You learned how to climb up on the couch all by yourself and on to the bed one day too.  However, since that day, you can't seem to get on the bed again.

5.6.14          You sing the ABCs all by yourself, correctly.

You were playing with a fly today and thought it was hilarious.

5.8.14          We danced as a family tonight to Lemon's new favorite song, Sweet Pea.  It was the happiest moment of my life.

We did yoga together, you on your mini mat and me on my mat, it was so much fun.  You can do down dog, tree, prayer and table top.

5.15.14          You knew the number 9 on the remote.

You say "Sebastian" from The Little Mermaid so cute I just ask you who he is over and over again just to hear it.

You wore my wedding headband over your eyes all morning and loved it.

You try to take pictures off of the pages of your books like they are stickers or something and try to put them on me, imagining they are there.  Imagination is so cool to watch develop.

5.17.14          You unlocked my phone by yourself, even with the passcode on it.

You were in your teepee, in your room all by yourself and when I couldn't find you I heard you in there, singing and reading.

5.20.14          You smelled us and said, "mmmmmm."

You said "mommy, what are you doing."

You love the iPad and ask for it first thing the morning, right when you wake up.  "iPad" sounds a lot like "elephant."

You said, "hey, come back here ball" and I had to go and get you the ball.

5.22.14          You said "daddy where are you?"  And, "what are you doing?" when I called you in the kitchen to cook with me.

You ate a whole apple by taking small bites.

You learned how to brush your teeth and wash your hands, now you love to do it.

You said, "where did the apple go?"

5.23.14          You touched my face three times while we were drinking smoothies together, on the kitchen floor, this morning.  You then went, "awwww" and my heart melted.

5.15.14          You said "two bears" while pointing at two bears in your book.

You say "thank you" when we say "congratulations!"  It's funny.

You say "thank you" to strangers when they tell you that you're cute.

You say "goodbye" to strangers when you want them to leave or not walk past you.  Ha.

You hide in your teepee when you don't want your diaper changed.

You brush your teeth and wash your hands on a step stool in our bathroom, it is the coolest.

The answer is always "no" when we ask you something, even if it's to do something you like to do.

The iPad and iPod are your favorite and you love the Baby Sign apps.

5.27.14          You ran up and kissed me, unprompted, today and tonight you felt my face like I was a dog and said "good boy" just like you do to the dogs.  You did it again in the dark just to make sure it was me sitting next to you.

You are such a sweet girl when other kids push, hit or take things from you.  You just turn away and ignore them, sometimes you have a pouty lip and it breaks my heart.

5.30.14          You sing "no" to the tune of the ABCs, just saying "no" over and over again.

You leaned in for a kiss this morning before I left to Palm Springs for the weekend, and you said "I love you" even before I said it.  Heart broken.

6.1.14          I went to get off the phone with you, while in Palm Springs, and you signed and said, "sad."  It's so crazy you associated that sign with how you were feeling.


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