Sunday, June 29, 2014

2nd Birthday Trip: Day 3

We hung around the house this morning, for awhile, and it was nice not having anything we had to do. We watched The Croods, played with play-doh and danced around. Lemon had her first potato bug experience and loved watching them roll into little balls. We played outside with a ball we got her at the grocery store yesterday too, the grass here reminds me of Oregon, it's the big, thick kind. Makes me nostalgic.

A new game Daddy made up today where he wraps her up like a baby and sings Rock-a-by-baby to her. So so cute!

We finally went to Target to kill some time (and some of Lemon's energy) and then were home again for a nap.

Lemon took a nap, I read my book and dozed off again (did I mention that I love vacations?!) and Eb went for a bike ride. We are lunch and then got ready and headed out to our 3rd ever Instagram meet up with Courtney and Asher. We met them at Balboa Park and this time I brought the pack so it was better than carrying Lemon. However, it was a lot of walking and I wished we had the stroller, I am now never leaving the house without our stroller, the pack AND a sweater - it got so chilly! Thank goodness for good, new friends that let us borrow theirs!

As you can see, Lemon carried a squash around with her, that Eb grew in his school garden, almost the whole time. She loved running around and her and Asher instantly became best buds, shrieking and running around together. They danced to the violin and Lemon even reached out and touched him with her finger and gave him a hug goodbye. We were off to Burger Lounge (our fav) for dinner in Hillcrest, with our new friends, and then back home for bed.

Some videos from today:


Thanks, Asher, for letting us borrow your coat. Courtney even had an extra in her car for me!

My shoulders and back are going to be sore tomorrow because we walked a ton again today but I am loving laying on this couch right now. We are off to meet more IG friends tomorrow, Kate and Brady, and see some old friends too - Megan, Ellie and Nick. So many peeps to see but we are oh so lucky to have the time for it, I am loving our trip so far and Lemon is too!

I'm a bit nervous about moving to the hotel on Wednesday, her birthday, because she calls this house "home" and it will be different us all not having our own space. But I always worry and she always goes with the flow so I should just stop worrying. Nighty night friends!

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