Friday, June 27, 2014

2nd Birthday Trip: Day 1

We are here! I am sitting with all of the doors and windows open, letting this beachy air just float over me. Even though we are kind of a ways out from the ocean, I can feel that it's close. This crazy Arizona girl even tried to turn on the A/C today and was told to just open the windows, ha.

We are staying in Mira Mesa at my step-brother's house, who is currently serving in Korea. He lives in a cute neighborhood with the friendliest neighbors who made us feel right at home. We got in about 5:30, unpacked the car, changed and headed to ZPizza which I found just by searching "gluten free" on Google Maps because I knew the babe was hungry. I got a gf, vegan cheese pizza with pepperoni and carmelized onions and we shared a to die for pear and Gorgonzola salad - the place was delish. We got some groceries, headed home and just put the babe to bed. Here's hoping she sleeps and it doesn't get too cold in there with the windown open (or too loud!). 

We got a late start today, we wanted to leave around 10am but were on the road more around 10:30. We stopped in Date Land and heated up a hot dog for Lemon and were on the road again (I made a sandwich in the car). I was accused of packing way too much but I'm happy I did because we didn't need to stop again until we got here! All of the iPad suggestions helped (I downloaded a ton of new stuff) and Nemo always puts this girl to sleep.

Lemon and I this morning:

Dancing at our pitstop:

Our annual diaper changing in the car photo. 

Tomorrow we are going to spend the morning here, relaxing, and the afternoon at the beach - woooo!


  1. Hope you have an amazing trip! LOVE zpizza! My favorite is the mushroom one with onions... I forget the name... but my mother-in-law is gluten free and every time she suggests pizza, I get so excited to go here!

    1. Thank you, we had the BEST time! It was SO GOOD!! :)