Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lemon's Favorite iPad Apps

You guys have been asking for awhile and I am just now getting around to doing this.  I am hoping that you will share your toddler's fav apps as well so that we all can build a database of super cool apps that our kids love.

Here are Lemon's favs, in no particular order:

From left to right (top row):  Brushes is a paint app that Ian downloaded but it's great for toddlers to draw with their fingers, Lotto 1 is part of the Tiny Hands apps and these are awesome!  This one is a matching app that has different categories they have to match things too, and it says the name of what they are matching when they touch it.  The intro page to the Tiny Hands apps are awesome and interactive too, I remember when Lemon first got the hang of this app, I took a video, I was so proud that she finally figured it out!  Sorting 1 is another Tiny Hands app that has the kids sort stuff by size and color.  Same with Sorting 2 (I bought them).  Old MacDonald is a super annoying app with a British person singing the song but there are games to play and animals to look at and Lemon loved it even more when she was around 18 months.  

2nd row:  What's my pair? is another Tiny Hands app, more difficult and definitely more for age 2 and up, pairing items.  What's my pair? again is just the like the first but with more stuff.  Baby Sign Pro is awesome!  The kids are creepy in the app, they talk creep and move like creeps but kids just love these apps!  This one has so many words that it teaches you the signs for, well the baby teaches you, and Lemon has learned tons of signs from it.  Sign and Sing is also super annoying, buy the American pack before buying each song separately (like this idiot!) and just learn to ignore it.  I think I've listened to the creepy baby sing Twinkle Twinkle a million times, Lemon loves it.  The Wallykazam app is awesome but is a little advanced for younger guys.  She is just starting to "get" the games but still is a little confused, I predict it will be a hit in just a couple of months.  She loves Norville so I had to buy it, I really like the Nick Jr. apps we've downloaded so far.

3rd row:  Towers 1 is Tiny Hands, this one is stacking.  First Words Deluxe is awesome, it's kind of like Endless Alphabet (where you match letters and get a little animation after about the word) but is easier for little guys.  I also remember when Lemon did this for the first time by herself, so cool!  See 'n Say is a Fischer Price app just like the old plastic toy where you spin the wheel and it does the animal sounds but this has videos of the actual animals.  A+ Kids Songs is the only app I've found with a BIG selection of kids songs, but I don't really like the singer.  Lemon loves it and sings along!  Bubble Guppies is a Nick Jr. app just like the TV show with a couple of different games, it is really good and she absolutely loves it.  

4th row:  Where's Puppy's Nose is a Fischer Price app that is supposed to go with their giant puppy plush but you can download these to play on their own too.  Lemon was really into all of the Fischer Price apps when she was around a year old but they are a little to "baby" for her now.  Starfall ABCs is the best app for teaching the ABCs, I think.  Lemon plays it all the time and I really contribute her knowing the alphabet so early to this app.  Bebot is super annoying, a robot that makes noise no matter where you touch on the screen.  Also great for little ones, Lemon just plays it now to annoy me I think.  Ha.  Baby Animals is another Fischer Price app, the iPad version is better than the iPhone version and she plays it sometimes, although I think it's for younger babies too. 

Not pictured (because I forgot to move them to this screen):  Bugs and Buttons is awesome for matching, problem solving and teaching order, but it's kind of advanced for a 2 year old.  Lemon still tries to play it and I bet she will get good at it soon enough.  Endless Alphabet (mentioned above) is so cute, Lemon loved when I would do it for her, before she could do it herself, just so she could watch the little cartoon monsters demonstrate the words.  First Words Deluxe will help your babe figure out this cute app, download that one first.

We also have an iPod with different apps on it so I will probably do another one of these posts later on.  Hope this helps!  Please share any apps your toddler loves, below, so we can all download them!  :)

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  1. You seem to have a lot of emails haha I'll def check some of these out!

    1. Never check them on here, just on my phone. Our iPad has turned into Lemon's iPad. :)

  2. Awesome! Just downloaded a bunch of these - so thanks, in advance, for the suggestions!