Monday, June 2, 2014

Palm Springs Girls Weekend

I can't believe I was so nervous for a Palm Springs getaway with my ladies because I had SO MUCH FUN!  I am now a firm believer in that moms needs to get away with their friends once in awhile and come back recharged and ready for more diapers, naps, schedules and activities.  I feel refreshed and like myself again and I'm so happy we went!

Some things I learned from being away:
  • Packing just for yourself is easy and fast.  Lugging around just a suitcase is way easier than lugging around a suitcase, another suitcase, a pack n play and everything else baby.
  • Going to the bathroom by yourself is wonderful.  Taking your time in there is amazing and not being interrupted by a baby or a dad with questions is like nothing else.
  • Girl talk without kids around is so much different than girl talk with just the girls.  I couldn't remember what it was like to finish sentences or conversations and not having to stop to grab a baby who is running off.
  • Staying up late is fun.
  • Sleeping in is even more fun.
  • Not having a schedule is the best.  I felt so weird that first day not having to look at a clock or caring what time it was.
  • Vacationing with a pool is a must.
  • Going out to eat without kids is awesome.
  • I can leave before nap time, if I have something to do, and Ian can put the baby to bed for me if I want to go to dinner or go out at bedtime, it's ok to let go and let someone else do it.
  • Make time for your friends.  Make even MORE time for your friends.  
  • Make time for yourself.
  • Spend money on meals, enjoy your time away (even if it's just for a night).
  • Always order a cocktail, even at breakfast, if you're out to eat without a kiddo.
  • Go away with your man (or significant other), without your kid.  Make plans and do it, even if just for a night.
  • When you get home, tell your man how much you appreciate him and all he does.  Kiss your baby a little more and cuddle both of them.  Remember what it was like to miss them.
  • Get a lock for the bathroom door.  :)
Driving 4 hours with your bestie and spending the weekend with your other best girlfriends is indescribable.  Do it, do it now.  Book a girls trip!

Palm Springs or bust! 

 The house we rented on Air BnB.

Our room

An awesome organic turkey burger on gluten free bread at Palm Greens Cafe.

Dole Whip at Lappert's Ice Cream.

Face Time with my girl, she smiled so big when she saw me!  When I said "bye, bye" she said and signed "sad."  It broke my heart!

Yard sale-ing!

Jenny made a pregnant friend! 

And we bought a giant blow up swan that I had to deflate.

Face Time the next night with my baby, a bit more unimpressed this time.  Ha.

Dinner at Birba, so yummy!

Ready for brunch at Cheeky's!  Also super yummy!

Pool time before I headed home.

Headed home!

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