Sunday, June 29, 2014

2nd Birthday Trip: Day 2

Gotta love the Blogger app, deleted my whole post when I was already done with it. I seem to remember this from last year, ugh!! This, coupled with the dogs barking outside, just may throw me over the edge tonight!! I will do my best to recreate . . .

We slept great last night and woke up when Lemon did at 6:15am this morning. I was surprised she was up so early because she was so tired, and only napped 30 minutes, but new place so it was to be expected. 

After breakfast, chocolate chip waffles and eggs, we decided to walk to the park. Lemon cried the whole time, wanted me to hold her, not daddy, and it was a longer, hotter walk than we expected. 

She had so much fun when we got there, played so much with her daddy and loved the sand on her feet, but was ready to head home for a nap. I got to lay in bed, read my book, get tired and nap too, it was wonderful.

Lemon woke up around 1pm and after lunch we decided to head to the closest beach, La Jolla, to window shop and stick our toes in the sand. Lemon kept saying "water, water" over and over again and loved playing in the sand and running away from the water with daddy.

Everyone at the beach loved her, she tried to take everyone's balls at Skripps Park, chased after a girl to blow bubbles for her and said "hi" to everyone we passed. She even answered the "how old are you" question with "2!" and tried to make her little fingers into a 2, it was so cute and I had just taught her that this morning!

She was so so tired after the water and gelato, but we headed to the grocery store to get some more essentials. We made spaghetti and were in for the night, the babe went to bed at 8:30. It's a big late for her but we are doing our best on vacation!!

I was a bit disappointed in La Jolla today, a lot of the beach steps were under construction and the beaches we ran into were really small and rocky. We did get to see some sea lions, which Lemon didn't care about, and it was all a bit stinky. I know La Jolla is fancy shmancy but I wasn't impressed. Lemon had a great time and we loved her loving the water, wind and sand.

Now we are on the couch watching Game of Thrones and I'm beat from carrying the babe around. She only wants me and she's 25 pounds so I'm tired! Tomorrow we get to meet our Instagram friend Courtney and her son, Asher, who I've been following since she was pregnant, I'm excited!

Ugh typing that twice was tough, goodnight all! 


  1. So glad it is working out at Joe's. Too bad you can't find a cheap im roller somewhere! And not let that mean IG lady keep you from Sea World. Buy tickets online and take her to some of the animal shows! The best! And you'd love it, too! Rent a stiller. Whatever it costs, my treat when u get home!!! Also don't forget to walk around old San Diego and the Little Italy section. Go get an unveil let at Target and leave it at Joe's. My treat!

    1. Hahaha mom, the 3 times you wrote stroller it corrected it to something else! We brought a stroller but you know how Eb is about using it, and she doesn't like to sit in it. Thx, love you!

  2. I mean umbroller stoller! How funny the auto correct!

  3. I went to la jolla back in September and I wasn't all that impressed either! Sounds like a fun day though and I love the nursing pics. :)