Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2 Years Old

6.3.14          You do your own countdown when you're finished with something or you know we are leaving somewhere, because you are used to us doing it.  (Babies are so creatures of habit and love structure/routine!)

You put on my shoes and jewelry and say "pretty" or "cute."

You have started to imaginative/pretend play.

You say "mommy please" when you want me and "stop please" when your daddy is bugging you.  You say "up please" when you want to be picked up.  Words are really coming out and it's awesome.

You pet Linus' face or Zoe's and say "good boy" and you've done it to your daddy and me too.

6.4.14          You read books to me in my same tone or a sing song voice.

You are always singing.  Usually it's a song we recognize but sometimes it's a song we don't.  Your pitch is perfect and you remember songs like crazy, even ones you've only heard once.

6.4.14          You asked for cheese today.  It is so crazy that you can ask for things.

6.5.14          We were shopping the other day and you called something "cute," you say cute all the time and you said "delicious" today.

6.7.14          You said, "where did the water go?" today and "bubbles please."

We asked what you wanted to see at the zoo, when we were there, and you said, "zebra."

You said, "he's right here" when I asked you where elephant once or you were looking for him.

My new favorite word that you say is "strawberry," I so wish I could get all of these words on video!

You oink like a pig now instead of just huffing, it is so so cute!

6.8.14          You ask us to "read it" and give us a book to read.  You want me to "rock" with you at night and sing songs with you.

Tonight, while we sang Mary Had a Little Lamb, you sang along and it was the cutest thing.  You sang every word and matched every tone and it was one of the best moments of my life.

We read books in your teepee now instead of in the chair, then we turn off the teepee lights to rock and sing - it is so much fun.

6.14.14          Today you said, "watch it again" and "picture of elephant" when you wanted to look at elephants on the iPad.  Your dad taught you to say "holy cow" but then you said "holy horse" because you didn't know it's just "holy cow" and it was so funny!

6.16.14          You say "watch it again" even if we are listening to something that you want to hear again.

You love your new coloring station/play-doh area and you still love Sweet Pea (the song) and sing and dance to it every time.

6.17.14          You said, "whoa, whoa, easy, easy" to Zoe who was rolling around next to you on the couch.

6.19.14          You said "that's gross" today and told me to "turn the light on" in your coloring area.  Words are coming so fast it's crazy.

6.19.14          I put on a dress yesterday and you looked at me and said, "ohhhhh, pretty."  It was unreal and melted my heart.

6.21.14          We went to the farm and the accordian player there said, "there she is, my little sunflower" and then said he would play a song just for her and it was You Are My Sunshine.  It made my day, she is my sunshine too.

I had the best weekend at home alone, just me and my girl, it was seriously so much fun.

6.23.14          You mimic hand gestures on TV/movies and it is oh so cute.

You said, "uh oh, your glasses" and then "I'll get it" and you reached out and grabbed them.

You said, "good boy Linus" to Zoe and then said, "uh, uh good boy Zoe (Ss-oh-ee)" to correct yourself.

Your daddy walked in 20 minutes later, without the hat he was wearing and you said, "where did your hat go?"  So amazing that she remembered he even had one on!

6.25.14          You only do belly laughs when playing with your daddy.  You are getting so sweet to other people and you have the best manners.  You kissed Gymbo the clown over and over at Gymboree today - the huge puppet you just kept kissing and kissing it.

You said Sawoooooooah at the zoo all day from Wallykazam (TV show).

6.26.14          You went up and down steps yesterday without sitting down or holding on to anything, you are getting so big.

6.28.14          You finally make a kissing noise, like a real kiss, and smack your lips together when you kiss us.  You tell your games no no thanks when you're playing them (on the iPad).

7.1.14            I asked for a kiss this morning and you kissed me with a HUGE open mouth and then said, gross!  Hahhaaa

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