Friday, July 4, 2014

2nd Birthday Trip: 4th of July

What a crazy day!  I don't think our toddler has eaten much or slept much since we left my step-brother's house, I guess that's what hotel living will do to you!

Lemon woke up too early again but there was no time to put her back down, we had to get up, eat and get ready for the parade (that we thought started at 9 but really started at 10).  It was hot, crowded and Lemon was tired but we had so much fun with our friends, and her with her little buddy Wyatt.  Thanks Cheryl for letting us sit with you guys!  (Stupid pics go from the bottom up, I don't feel like rearranging them.  Ha.)

These two were so cute together they got photographed for Coronado magazine!

Lemon and I got bored of the parade so decided to go swimming with our friend Jaedyn.  It was cold but oh so fun, and then we got to go out and watch more of the parade in our matching bikinis!

After the parade it was finally time for a nap.  Lemon only slept an hour, of course, and was so tired all afternoon and had a long night of fireworks ahead!

When she woke up, we decided to walk down and save a spot on the harbor to watch the fireworks and while Ian held our spot, Lemon went to the harbor beach and splashed around with the million kids that were down there.  It was super gross and crowded but she loved it.  

After dinner, hot dogs and potato salad made at the hotel on the BBQ, we headed down to the harbor to play around and wait for the fireworks to start.  I thought Lemon might lose it because she was so tired but she was SO GOOD and had fun playing with Wyatt.  I brought some sky lanterns, that I actually bought to light off on her 1st birthday (but forgot), and we all entertained the crowd lighting them off before the show.  I even saved some for next year, it was so much fun!  I said a little prayer for my Lemon, and my blueberry, as I lit them with our new friends, watched the float into the sky and heard the crowd cheer behind us.  It was awesome.

Lemon loved the fireworks, just like last year, didn't cry and wasn't scared, and loved her glow bracelet even more.  Such a good baby and when we got back to the hotel, she went right to bed (at around 10:30pm!).  Late night and of course, she was up early the next day . . .

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday and I love that her birthday is so close to it.  I loved living in Oregon when I was little and watching the 4th with all of our friends, in our front yard, while my dad provided the tunes (the show was at the fairgrounds, right by our house).  It was a BIG event in a small town and when I moved to Arizona it was just never the same.  We used to go back to Oregon to watch, every summer, but then everyone moved and we tried a couple of times to watch from our roof, but fireworks in AZ just don't cut it.  Making such wonderful friends last year in Coronado, and going out again this year, made us realize that THIS is our new tradition and I can't wait until next year! 

Hope you had a wonderful holiday too celebrating with good friends and family!  :)

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