Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lemon's 2nd Birthday Party

Just like last year, we got a bit carried away, and this party ending up being much bigger than we anticipated, and more expensive.  But how could we not invite all of our friends/family to such a fun celebration?!  Next year, my mom and I agreed, we are doing a party out somewhere because it is a lot of work hosting it at our house.

But, we had the best time and I want to thank everyone for coming out to celebrate with us!  Lemon had a blast, she was a super good girl, despite all of the people, and I don't think we've ever had that many people swimming in our pool at once!  Thanks to my mom for all of the party prep help, buying all the food and for the moral support, my husband for making the yard and pool look awesome, my twinsies for letting us borrow an umbrella and cooler, my sis-in-law for helping us set up (and blowing up the swan!) and Brittany for making the cute cupcakes!  We had a blast!

Aunt Kiki came a day early and we all went out to dinner with my mom.  Lemon loved riding in the back of the car with the two of them and singing along at dinner!

Saturday, party day!  She didn't know what to think in the morning when Aunt Kiki was asleep on the couch:

We took a trip to Urban Cookies for donuts and gluten free cupcakes for Lemon and I to have at the party:

And then to the mall where Aunt Kiki bought Lemon Buzz, Woody and Jesse and she hasn't let them out of her sight since!

Party time!


Sneaking licks of the non gluten free cupcakes.  I had to actually put the blue frosting on one of the cupcakes we got her so it looked like the others!

(Lemon dress handmade by DJ's Handsies.)

Didn't understand why the dogs were locked up.


Summer birthday parties are the best in Arizona!

Eating dinner while the party continued!

A Bubble Guppies party is hard to leave!

Good camera pics:

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  1. OH MY WORD!!! Her hair is amazing!!! Looks like a great party!!! Happy Birthday Lemon!!!