Saturday, July 5, 2014

2nd Birthday Trip: Day 9

Our last full day on Coronado I wanted to spend at the beach.  Even after going to bed at almost 11pm, our little one was up at 7am ready to party, and we were definitely over hotel living.  Ha.

Since we didn't have very good luck with shells at Silver Strand, we decided to go to Coronado beach instead.  But, by the time we got there, it was crowded (4th of July on a weekend sucks!), and there weren't very many shells.  Not the best trip for shells, which I was kind of sad about, but how could I be bummed for long with this happening while I walked . . .

This girl was so worn out that we only stayed about an hour at the beach before heading back to the hotel to nap.  We decided to let her sleep on her own, instead of trying to nap too, hoping that she would get in a good one finally, and she did (about 2 hours).  We hung outside with friends and then ate lunch and were back at the beach!

I wanted to spend the afternoon relaxing and laying on my blanket, by myself, while Ian played with Lemon in the water, but Ian arranged to meet a dad he is friends with on Instagram.  It ended up being super fun, I met some new mamas and babies, and Lemon had THE BEST time in the water with Ian.  She would come up and talk to us, or play with the other babes, for a minute and then would run back in the water.  We hung out until around 5pm and then wanted to head back to shower and get ready to go out to dinner.

 Can you spot Lemon?

Someone developed a HUGE love for pretzels this trip, she now asks for them all the time.

The whole time we were in Coronado we didn't go out to eat.  We brought a hot plate to the hotel and there were BBQs there for us to use so we cooked every night and got groceries from the store across the street (we LOVE Boney's Bayside Market!).  But, since it was the last night of our trip, we wanted to do something special so we got dressed up (dressed up for beach living) and walked to our fav spot - Burger Lounge.  It got crowded right after we ordered but we snagged a table outside, our fav table, and enjoyed spending time together.  A perfect end to our trip.

 And how crazy is it that our # was 2?!  Just the way to end Lemon's 2nd Birthday Trip!

Little Mermaid on the way back to the hotel.  Amazing.

We put Lemon to bed and while Ian hung out with our friend Drew, I joined his wife Tilly, our other friend Jaedyn and Tilly's son Wyatt (who you've seen in other posts) on their walk to get ice cream.  While waiting outside with the dog, while they got ice cream, fireworks started again over the bay and we saw our 2nd firework show - on July 5th!  It was so much fun and we gotta remember that for next year!

We had such a great time hanging with our friends, who we also hung with at our same hotel last year (when we met them) that I didn't want it to end!  It isn't often that we can put the baby to bed, and then go hang out with other people, together, and it was so much fun!   I was sad to be leaving the next day but ready for my own bed and some space so that my daughter would actually sleep in!  :)

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