Thursday, July 3, 2014

2nd Birthday Trip: Day 7

This morning we woke up an hour earlier than normal for this trip, 6:30am, and I know it's because Lemon can see us from her pack n' play!  Hotel living, ugh.

After fighting with Blogger about my post from yesterday still not posting, I gave up and decided I would blog once I returned to civilization.  (So we are back at home but just pretend that I'm blogging from Coronado still!)

Lemon and Ian ate breakfast outside, another feat when you don't have a high chair, and then we were off to look for shells at the beach. We headed to our favorite, secret shell collecting spot, Silver Strand State Beach and although there were lots of shells to choose from, Lemon was much more interested in going in the water.  So I spent the morning walking by myself while Ian played with her in the ocean - she's such a little mermaid!

This girl wore herself out and we were back at the hotel for her to take a nap.  We tried to nap too, after she fell asleep, but she was up after an hour or so because she saw us again. 

After her nap, and lunch, we headed back to the beach to spend the afternoon with Courtney and Asher again, this time it was Coronado beach and it was so much fun!  We had perfect beach weather our entire trip!

These two were so cute together, Lemon even KISSED Asher - it was her first kiss!  So, so, so cute!

After our beach day we were all exhausted so we were back at the hotel to get ready for the 4th of July!  We made leftovers for Lemon and Ian and I had chicken and salads from the local market and then were off to bed too.  Such a fun day!

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